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Kids on Public Lands
Overview of KOPL
(Next event: September 19-20, 2015)



A note from Rick Russell:

I’ve been involved with 4-wheeling and motorcycling for a long time. The core group of people involved are family oriented, responsible and come from every section of our economy. After all, you don’t maintain the vehicles we have without having a job. Although clubs have donated time and money to many worthy causes, their efforts are usually overlooked by the mainstream media. We talk amongst ourselves, "preach to the choir" and become emotionally upset over road closures. Should we be satisfied with the results? I don’t think so. Are existing roads still being senselessly closed? All the time. Can we donate more money and time? Some of us can. Can we all work smarter? Absolutely!  And that's what KOPL is about--working smarter.

In 1998, with the help of two devoted guys (Tim Crawford & Tracy Lenocker) and the support of 65 OHV volunteers, individual donations, local businesses, the Anaheim YMCA, the Forest Service and the Anaheim Police Department a dream came true. The idea is simple. Bring underprivileged kids between the ages of 8-13 to public lands and give them a positive experience outside their inner-city environment. I can say without reservation,  everyone who has been involved with the Kids On Public Lands program feels the positive emotional impact we have on these kids.

The first objective of the KOPL program is to create a positive experience for kids. The second objective is to get general media coverage of the event. The KOPL Program can be duplicated in every city that has a public service agency—and I can’t think of a place that doesn’t have a police department or fire department.

I challenge any club, individual or organization that depend on existing roads on public lands to execute a project to gain positive general media exposure. Whether you use this program as a model or develop your own, work smarter not harder to keep public lands accessible to everyone.

You are cordially invited to be a part of the next KIDS ON PUBLIC LAND. We need volunteer drivers.
- The Anaheim Cops 4 Kids (C4K) and the Anaheim YMCA bring 100 kids -- 50 boys on Saturday and 50 girls on Sunday.

- Upon arrival the kids are divided into two groups each day: one group goes on the trail ride and the other group enjoys activities at the Discovery Center. In the afternoon the two groups switch activities. More than 90% of the kids, ages 8-12, have never been to the forest.

- During the trail ride each child sits in the front passenger seat, chats with the driver, talks on the CB, and enjoys a 4WD ride in the San Bernardino National Forest.
Same location as 2014 KOPL--The 2015 KOPL event is scheduled for the weekend of September 19-20 2015 (Sat & Sun). Okay to volunteer for one day. Volunteers should plan to arrive by 7-8am at the NEW LOCATION: Camp Conrad-Chinnock for Check-in. We expect the buses to arrive sometime around 9:00 am.

Camp Conrad-Chinnock. The camp's address is: Camp Conrad-Chinnock, 4700 Jenks Lake Road East, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305 (A word of caution, when I type the address into Google maps, sometimes it points to a location closer to Jenks Lake, but the camp is off Jenks Lake Rd East. This fabulous venue has an area for tents and RVs (no hookups at Conrad) if you reserve a spot at time of pre-registration. We have a limited amount of overnight camping cabins also available! This venue is about 30 minutes south of Big Bear Lake along Highway 38. We will not be using the Discovery Center. All activities will be held at Camp Conrad-Chinnock.

- Either mail, fax or email your registration form before the event. Volunteer Registration Form.
- We need male drivers on Saturday to escort the boys. We need female drivers on Sunday to escort the girls
- In addition to volunteer drivers,  we need volunteers to set-up, help with lunch preparation, stuff goody bags, supervise children, clean-up, etc.
- You can volunteer either one or both days. It takes over 100 volunteers to operate the KOPL.
- Any 4x4 vehicles. Should be in good running condition.
- Must have seat belts, first aid kit and hard top or roll bar. If you do not have a CB radio, we have some loaners. Should carry a fire extinguisher.
- This trail is rated Easy. (90% of these kids have never been to the forest or 4 wheeling so graded dirt roads are very exciting)
COMMUNICATION- Each child will be given a walkie-talkie to communicate to their buddies, thus keeping the CB free for the drivers. on your CB during the trail ride. If you don't own one, we will have a few to borrow.

- If you are a licensed ham radio operator, we will notify you at the event as to what frequencies we are using.
- A smile. Plan to get to know the child who rides with you.
- Bring a chair.
- Bring sodas and snacks for yourself.
- No dogs should be at the event other than a K9 Unit.

- There are some camping-style cabins at the camp (with toilets) that can be rented or shared with other volunteers (after all, it is a kids' camp). Or hotels in Big Bear are about 30 minutes away.  Motel 6 (909) 585-6666.
- Camp at the site or nearby Barton Flats.

- Free hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, salads and drinks will be served to all kids and volunteers for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
- Free ICEEs will be served for dessert.
- We usually have dinner Saturday night. This meal is catered. The cost is around $10 to help cover the cost (pay at the event - cash or check).
- Bring your own drinks and chairs
- All volunteers and their families are welcome to attend the Saturday night BBQ.
- Saturday night after the BBQ is a raffle for all volunteers.
- One ticket per volunteer, must be present to win.
-  Children's goody bags:  We need small items for the kids' goodie bag (pencils, pens, candy, tooth brushes, company promotional items, toys, etc.) -- should be 100 items for both groups or 50 items for one day. On event day, each child receives the same gifts (for example, 100 stickers or 50 girls' brushes and 50 boys' combs).
-  Money or in-kind donations requested:  For food ($800), water bottle holders ($500), Volunteer t-shirts ($800), kid's hats, products for volunteer raffle ($400) and other miscellaneous expenses (any amount is appreciated).
- Do you know someone who may be interested in donating?
- A detailed description of this event is attached.

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP SHEET (link at bottom of this page):
- A registration form can also be emailed to you.
- Then mail or fax your form before the event  One form for each volunteer. Questions? Call Rick (760) 961-9466 or Stacey (909) 922-5120
The 2014-15 Kids On Public Land committee thanks the 100+volunteers for "making it happen".
We look forward to another fun and rewarding experience in 2015.

  Stacey Harrold- Chairman  - 909-922-5120
   Tracy Lenocker - Co-Chair
   Rick & Marilyn Russell  - Administrative 877-628-7227
   Tammie & Tim Conrad - Logistics, Preparations
   Debbie & Cass Ellsworth - Children's Activities
   Robbie & Paul Mooney - Food preparation
   Brian & Jo Ann Borella - Parking & Traffic Control
   Frank Hayes - Trail Assistant
   Gary Heston & EOC members - Communications
   Sandy & Keith Graham - Event set-up
   Jodi Lenocker - First Aid
   In cooperation with - Anaheim Police Dept.
   Georgina Meza  - Anaheim PAL - Cops 4 Kids Program
   Anaheim YMCA
   Karen and Alan Bauer - Donations
   Chef Andy and Barbara Cunningham

Sign-up form
If you would like to help with the next event, Print out the Volunteer Registration Form and mail or fax it back (email is okay). The return information is printed on the bottom of the form.


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